Internet Marketing is all about keywords and no internet marketer will set out on his internet marketing business without keywords. But finding keywords will in itself not drive traffic to your websites and generate sales.The keywords that you have will generate a lot of visitors to your website, blog, or affiliate links. But does this traffic convert into sales? If it is not then it means that the keywords are targeting people who are in the research mode. Such people are not prepared for completing the purchase. They are just out to review the product or, to gather information about the product.

The keywords that the people who are prepared to buy products use are called as “buyer keywords”. What distinguishes the normal keywords from buyer keywords is the “intent to buy” on the part of the person using this keyword to search the product. There are a variety of tools out there which can help you generate buyer keywords. One such tool is the “buyer keyword generator”.

How will you know if a keyword is a “buyer keyword” or, not. Assume a situation where an internet surfer is planning to buy a keyword research tool in order to make money using affiliate marketing. He will start his searches with keywords like, affiliate marketing, keyword research, keyword analysis etc. These are generic keywords and do not target any specific product. Further, once he completes his research he will narrow down to a couple of products which he would want to buy. So his search will now change to something like a specific product’s name – keyword elite, market samurai, micro niche finder etc. These keywords have some buying intent in them and hence can be called as a form of “buyer keyword”. As he further gets into the buying mode his searches will be around keywords which will have the actual buying intent in them. Such keywords will be, buy micro niche finder, keyword elite discount etc. Hence these keywords can be called as super targetted “buyer keywords”.

If you are marketing your product using Google AdWords, article marketing or, any other mode, you primary objective is to get a good ROI (Return on Investment). In order to get a good ROI, which keyword should you use? The wise answer to this is buyer keywords. You will only want to spend your time and efforts on something that is profitable. Buyer keywords are what will be profitable.

Buyer keywords can help you -

  • Identify prospective buyers.
  • Research and find out the products that people buy.
  • Create profitable campaigns in PPC.
  • Beat your competition hands down.
  • Put in minimum efforts to get the maximum results.

Identifying buyer keywords is a simple thing to do if you have the right tools to do it. If you are ready to discover these buyer keywords and start your journey on profitability, then you can read more about buyer keywords here.

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